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Each 100gm. Contains

  • Fmt Yeast culture    33.5gm.
  • Live yeast cells (saccharomyces cerevisiae)  5 gm.
  • Bacillus subtitles     15billionCFU
  • Bacillus Amyloliquifaciens              15 billion CFU
  • Propionibacterium Freudenreichill  15 billion CFU
  • Lactobacillus acidophillus              2.5 gm
  • Amino Acid                                  10 gm.
  • Seaflora      5 gm.

Fortified with calcinated base.

Benefits of Jugali :

To correct anorexia, off feed & indigestion.
Feed utilization.
To maintain PH of rumen & intestine.
Regulates rumen micro flora.
Quick relief in diarrhea.
Improves fiber digestion to get maximum production.
Amino acid in active (L form) for faster absorption.

Dosage: Large animal: 20gm. BID
                 Small animal: 10 gm. BID
Mix 1Kg. per ton of feed

Presentation: 200 gm. & 500 gm.