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About us

Titanic Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd is an innovative product based company which is serving farmers since 2008. We are determined to provide Animal Health Products for Livestock. Our company always gives that product to farmer which is not already in market, our company is able to meet the requirements of farmer and animal. We manufacture products with care in mind..Our company lays emphasis on making products with results rather than looks so that the farmer gets the benefit, our company gives priority to the benefit of the farmer over our profit. We ensure that our product is efficient, safe and secure and deliver to our clients on the basis of quality standards. Our products prove themselves to be perfect in every circumstance as we are known for the quality that the farmer really requires. Our company is well-known across the country for providing Veterinary Solutions through newly discovered and quality products.


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Why Choose Us?

Because we are different from others and innovation is our identity. as for the first time in India, for the convenience of farmers, our company has created an app for the purchase of veterinary medicine, so that the livestock owners can get the items related to animals at home. It is our identity to make products as per the requirement.

Our Mission

Our main goal is to control the declining number of animals and increase the income of the farmer and making products according to the need of the farmer and the animal.

Our Products

Our Vision

We think of converting Livestock Breeding into business because today
if someone asks a farmer about Livestock Breeding, he says that I am a
farmer, but our thinking is that the farmer should also say that I am a businessman, not a farmer.