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Area Specific Mineral Mixture: Commercialization Agreement

Central Buffalo Research Institute and Titanic Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd An agreement was signed today on 05th May 2016 by Under the Central Buffalo Research Institute, all of the area-specific mineral mixtures Information & Technology Titanic Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd for 10 years for non-exclusive or non-exclusive lease.area specific minerals Mixture is essential for scientific diet management of buffaloes. its regular The use of milk increases the quantity of milk in buffaloes and also prevents reproductive problems. Get rid of. This agreement will be very beneficial for the farmers because This will make this area mineral mixture available to them in abundance. of today In perspective, Central Buffalo Research Institute only for technology demonstration and It is producing it only to fulfill its needs in farmers In view of its increasing demand and not getting proper supply by the institute. This agreement was made by the institute for the interests of the farmer brothers due to So that it can be produced at industrial level and animal husbandry to take proper advantage.Director Dr. Inderjit Singh on behalf of Central Buffalo Research Institute on this agreement and Mr. Chandiram Rohil on behalf of Titanic Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. signed. On this occasion Chairman ANFT Dr. Balbir Singh Poonia, In-charge ITMU Dr. V. B. Dixit, Administrative Officer Mr. Chetan Issar And Finance and Accounts Officer Shri Mahesh Kumar were present.